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In the State Legislature, we need to continue working to make our state’s education funding system more equitable, so that students all throughout California can have the same resources in the classroom. Additionally, we need to continue making California’s world-class higher education system more accessible and affordable, so that every student in the state has an opportunity to attend one of our schools.

Health Care
I believe California must set an example for the country and establish universal health care. In the Assembly, I have been an unrelenting advocate for expanding access to quality, affordable care and reducing healthcare costs. We also need better, more responsive mental health services in California, particularly for our state’s enlarged homeless population.

While we’ve passed recent measures that will help address California’s affordable housing crisis, the cost of living continues to rise sharply. Rents are skyrocketing and gentrification is pushing families and small businesses out of their communities. In the California legislature, we need to double down on protecting renters’ rights and tackling homelessness.

Criminal Justice Reform
We need to continue to make California’s criminal justice system more fair, just, and transparent, including reducing our state’s overcrowded prison population, combatting the school-to-prison pipeline for so many young people of color and cracking down on excessive acts of violence from law enforcement officials. Additionally, I believe local law enforcement needs to be supported and I will work to provide the necessary resources to tackle violent crime.

The future of our environment is in our own hands, especially given the Trump administration’s outright willingness to double down on dirty fuels and eliminate critical environmental protections. I have worked to protect and conserve our environment in my time in the Assembly, and will continue to do so, including ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to experience California’s green economy.

Public transportation and its infrastructure can have a profound impact on the quality of our lives; I’m proud to have supported the SB 1, the ground-breaking transportation funding bill that will begin the work of creating a 21st Century transportation system in California.

Workers Rights & the Economy
I strongly believe workers’ rights must be upheld and expanded to ensure people can earn a living wage and make their voices heard. I also believe small businesses need to be supported and will encourage new, locally owned businesses against the threats provided by gentrification and corporate expansion.

Women’s Rights
I have been a longtime ally of women and women’s rights throughout my life, and the #MeToo movement has exposed how much more work we have to do to make our society a safe place for everyone, particularly in the workplace. I support and believe the women coming forward, and will support the efforts being made to strengthen process for sexual harassment complaints.